Brooklyn-SkyZone Trip

New York Kids Academy recently had a trip to New Jersey’s SkyZone. On November 3, 2018, all the students hopped on the bus to start their journey to the trampoline park. All the children were ecstatic to see variations of trampolines and activities that were awaiting them. The kids had fun jumping whilst playing sports ...


Brooklyn-Character Education

In Brooklyn Kids Academy NY’s classes, we strive to provide children with a knowledgeable and a kind outlook on the world around them. The class exposes them to values and ethics at a young age. Our goal for our students is for them to become appreciative of not only what they have, but of everyone and ...


Staten Island-“Do-it-Yourself” Week

The last week of our activity was “Do-it-Yourself” week. On the first day, we made our own candle. Students choose their favorite color and essential oil for their candles. To make it more fun they added glitter. On the second day, we made bath bombs. Students liked the process of mixing ingredients. From this activity, ...


Staten Island-Family Picnic

On August 2nd was our last trip. We had a family picnic with our student’s parents in the Miller Field Park. We had a potluck breakfast at the park. Kids brought their bikes and scooters. Unfortunately, with different reasons, not all of the families could participate.

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Staten Island-Glow In The Dark Week

First week of our activity was “Glow in The Dark” week. It was new for our students. Students were surprised to learn that neon paints glow in the dark under the UV light. They had different activities using neon paints and UV light. Such as glow in the dark slime, bubbles, cloud in the glass.

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Our Club Classes in Kids Academy NY allows all of our students to engage creatively in building and constructing robotics through coding. Although coding may seem intense, we provide them with various different levels in order for all of our students from ages 5-11. We aim to also encourage our students to utilize their innovative ...

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Queens Acting In-Class Activity

In our character education class, our students learned by acting. Through fun performances, our students truly captured the essence of the topics which also improved their ability to collaborate with others and to work as a team.  

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Quran Class Activity

The fishing for Arabic letters game was one of the favorite Qur’an class activities of the kids. The game is a great way to practice letter identification and letter sounds while having lots of fun!  

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Queens Art Activities

In the Kids Academy program, we encourage our students to explore art and to master themselves. We offer an environment where questions are encouraged, and students have free access to the materials they need and enjoy.  

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Queens Science Experiments

Science experiments allow students to augment their problem-solving and planning skills. It also encourages their curiosity by letting them create new ways of asking questions and understanding the world around them. Our little Einsteins conducted an experiment in which they caused a giant foamy explosion, they like to call it, Elephant Toothpaste.  

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Queens Pottery Activity

Pottery, for kids, is one of the most creative activities you can let your child experience. This activity gave our little artists the freedom to express their creativity and the ability to change something with their own hands.  

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